People powered partnerships

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise. We work with partners to create people-powered partnerships that deliver better outcomes for people & the planet.

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Our Ethos

Over the last decade, we have been partnering with pioneering Government officials, NGOs, social investors and impact-driven organisations globally to develop a new model for the delivery of human and environmental services.

By taking a more collaborative, more flexible approach – while retaining very clear accountability – these partnerships have delivered better outcomes for people and the planet, and better value for public money.

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Our Impact

To date, we have supported over 362,000 people via more than 77 of these pioneering partnerships – delivering over £165m worth of outcomes across the globe.

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People Supported & Outcomes Achieved

Our Work

We work collaboratively with our partners to design and deliver more effective services – while retaining the clearest possible accountability for improving people’s lives and preserving our planet.

Our programmes span a number of key policy areas:


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Our Team

Our team combines expertise in policy, programme management, data analysis and impact measurement, with significant experience across the public, private and social sectors.

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