People-powered Partnerships

Over the last decade, a new model of public service delivery has been growing in popularity. It is based on one key insight: that if we want to improve the lives of people facing complex, interconnected challenges, we can’t rely on piecemeal, standardised solutions. We need a more targeted, more holistic approach based on three key principles:

At a glance

Instead of trying to impose standardised, clearly specified solutions, give delivery teams the freedom to tailor their solutions to local and individual circumstances – then collect and analyse impact data dynamically, so we can learn from what works and keep iterating to make programmes more effective.

For the most successful projects, that typically means four things:

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For more detail, read our full report: ‘People-powered Partnerships’

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Please note, the document was created primarily as a learning and discussion resource for the BOP team, and our various partners across Government and the social sector. However if you have any feedback on any of the themes covered, we’d love to hear from you!

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