Flexible. Accountable.

Transforming services to deliver better
outcomes and better value


The traditional model of service delivery often fails individuals facing complex, interconnected challenges.

We believe in a different approach to delivery: one that brings together a group of partners around a shared vision of success, enables a more flexible and holistic approach to service delivery, and empowers people to help themselves – which ultimately is the best way to create sustainable change in their lives. We call this approach ‘People-Powered Partnerships’.

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At BOP, we work to radically improve both outcomes for people and value for society; creating a world where funders partner based on impact.

Our THRIVE values are central to every service we create and deliver – and represent how we work together with colleagues, partners and with the people we support.

  • Trust is our foundational value; encompassing transparency, responsibility, self-belief and expertise to form the bedrock of our organisational culture.

  • We commit to actively listen to other’s opinions without judgement, to openly question our assumptions, to share our learnings, and to support and empower others.

  • We passionately believe in BOP’s core purpose. Together, we demonstrate tenacity, determination and resilience to overcome any challenges we encounter on the way to delivering better outcomes.

  • We transform creative concepts into person-focused interventions, and are constantly learning and adapting to improve on efficiency and impact.

  • We value each other and we add value in the way we work, to the communities we work with, and through our unique approach.

  • We act with fairness, impartiality and integrity in everything we do and hold social justice at the forefront of our decision-making.