The Power of Partnership

We’re proud to work with a large and growing network of pioneering partners – spanning Governments, foundations, corporates, delivery organisations, social investors, individuals and wider communities.

Collaborators & Funding Partners

Local Government

Helping local authorities to tackle areas of critical need through strengths-based and personalised partnerships.

Central Government

Supporting central Government’s policy priorities and delivering the best possible value for public money.

Bilateral and Multilateral Donors

Working with bilateral and multilateral donors to enable, design and deliver outcomes-focused partnerships which address and work to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.


Working with specialist foundations to support the achievement of their mission.


Helping corporates to create real impact and accountability from their community and environmental programmes.

Delivery Partners

Creating sustainable positive change in the lives of people facing complex, interconnected challenges requires a more targeted, more holistic approach.

We have partnered with 150 charities, NGOs and social enterprises, drawing on their frontline expertise (and giving them the flexibility they need) to deliver more personalised and effective services.

Learning & Research Partners

We strongly believe in the value of independent evaluation and analysis to help us design new services, while iterating our existing services in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. We are in constant contact with prominent academics to learn from their expertise – and, where possible, to share our own learnings with a view to informing their research.

Social Investors

Over the last decade, we have been able to bring together a pioneering group of mission-driven investors who are committed to achieving better outcomes for people and the planet. Where needed, this social investment capital enables us to provide people powered partnerships with the project finance they need to deliver flexible, meaningful, effective services.

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