Creating sustainable lifestyle changes for people living with long-term health conditions, via ‘social prescribing’.

  • Location

    North East Lincolnshire

  • Launch

    Aug 2018

  • Area

    Health, Wellbeing & Independence

Collaborators & funding partners

  • North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Delivery Partners

  • Centre4

  • Green Futures

  • CPO

Collaborators & funding partners

  • North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Delivery Partners

  • Centre4

  • Green Futures

  • CPO

  • Mila founded and leads Bridges Outcomes Partnerships (BOP). At BOP, we work to radically improve human services and environmental initiatives to improve outcomes for people and value for society. Programmes BOP supports are dedicated to empowering people across the world to improve their lives, in areas ranging from education and wellbeing to housing, child protection, employment and environmental protection. Mila is on boards of Positive Families Partnership, Stronger Families, Forward, North East Lincolnshire Thrive, Ways to Wellness, Education Outcomes Partnerships, along with other family, employment, and refugee support focused programmes.

    Mila is also a Trustee for Clore Social Leadership, organisation dedicated to providing social leaders with world class leadership development.

    Prior to Bridges, Mila’s career spanned public, private, and third sector. Mila helped create and run Education Generation, a crowdsourcing social enterprise focused on enabling young leaders in low-and middle-income countries to participate in some of the world’s most forward-thinking education programmes.

  • Lucia Santirso, Director at Bridges Outcomes Partnerships, has been working with Bridges for the last 6 years, during which time she has designed and implemented more than 10 Outcomes Partnerships related to:

    • Supporting young people in Kenya to take control over their health choices and paths to do more with their lives,
    • Improving the health and wellbeing of adults in the UK with long-term health conditions,
    • Helping elderly adults in the Netherlands improve their mobility and reduce their risk of falling,
    • Supporting unpaid carers in the UK to improve their wellbeing and sustain their caring role,
    • Supporting young people in the UK to attain better wellbeing and education outcomes, and
    • Supporting young people in the UK with special education needs to increase their independence towards adulthood.

    Before joining the BOP team, Lucia worked in Investor Relations at Bridges Fund Management. Lucia was also part of the Global Steering Group (GSG) Policy working group and is a co-author of the resulting report: “Catalysing an Impact Investment Ecosystem: A Policymaker’s Toolkit”. Prior to joining Bridges, Lucia worked in Equity Research at J.P. Morgan.

    Lucia holds a MSc in International Finance from HEC Paris and a BSc in International Business Administration from Rotterdam School of Management.

  • Rob leads on the project management and procurement of Health-related social outcomes partnerships, capacity building and supporting delivery partners to develop innovation and insight into delivery.

    Prior to joining Bridges in 2018, Rob has held leaderships roles in business development and strategic growth for a number of businesses and sectors including financial advice, employability, skills, IAG and supply chain development. He has also been chair and deputy chair of ERSA, the trade body representing the Employability sector and worked with Cabinet & Treasury on developing new public sector commissioning. Rob has also worked in investment banking, HEI institutions and led businesses at accelerator and incubator stages.

  • Conor, Director at Bridges Outcomes Partnerships, has been working with Bridges for the last 7 years – during which time he has designed and implemented a number of Outcomes Partnerships related to housing, employment and refugee support.

    He was previously a member of the Impact Management team at Bridges Fund Management, where he advised and supported investment teams on all aspects of impact management throughout the investment cycle. Before joining Bridges, Conor worked for a health services NGO in Ecuador, leading a project to set up budgeting and reporting processes. He began his career as a management consultant at Deloitte, specialising in financial analysis and process improvement.

    Conor holds a BSc in Economics and is a qualified Management Accountant.

  • Nicky is the Programme Director for Health, overseeing two social prescribing programmes that help people to access community support to manage their health and wellbeing.

    Nicky is passionate about supporting people and has a strong focus on collaboration and coproduction throughout her work. Having spent 16 years working in the criminal justice system for Probation, Nicky has more recently been working in Adult Social Care, managing prevention-based programmes and working strategically with partners across Health and the VCSE sector.


Over 15 million people in the UK suffer from long-term health conditions (LTCs), such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease, with most experiencing poorer health outcomes and reduced quality of life as a result.

Thrive North East Lincolnshire (NEL) is a ‘social prescribing’ programme supporting people living with LTCs to create sustainable lifestyle changes and improved self-care habits. Thrive NEL’s strengths-based model focuses on addressing social and environmental factors to support these individuals on their journey.

The programme provides participants with a Link Worker, who helps them to engage with activities in the local area, creating new social groups where relevant, as part of a bespoke action plan. This engagement with the community helps participants to develop an improved attitude towards challenges, enables better access to specialist services, and helps participants to improve their lifestyle.

In 2023, this programme was renewed, enabling it to continue supporting individuals with LTCs to better manage their conditions and feel inspired.

Delivery innovations

An outcomes partnership has enabled a much more collaborative, flexible approach to problem-solving. This has facilitated a number of significant delivery innovations, including:

  • Having identified the need for an outdoor recreational activity group, Thrive tapped into Lincolnshire Co-op’s experience and successfully introduced a new walking group for participants, local to the area.
  • Thrive and other VCSE organisations have worked together to create ‘Garden for Growth’, using feedback from participants and with contribution from Thrive’s gardening group.
  • Thrive also provides digital support for participants with diabetes, to assist with symptoms management via online tools.


Over 1,500 people have started the programme since launch, with 92% improving their wellbeing after 12 months. Those participating cost the NHS 35% less in secondary care compared to a comparison cohort.

  • 1790

    Starts to the programme

  • 1062

    Wellbeing improvements by second assessment

  • 741

    Wellbeing improvements by third assessment

  • £2.64m

    Outcomes achieved