• Rachel is a Programme Director, leading the Young Persons Homeless Prevention Pathfinder within the Greater Manchester Better Outcomes Partnership (GMBOP). Since January 2021, she has played a pivotal role in steering the project towards success, dedicated to supporting young individuals in stabilising their accommodation situations while building confidence and resilience to prevent long-term homelessness.

    With a career spanning eighteen years as a senior manager, she has specialised in leading teams that deliver essential services in the housing, debt, and criminal justice sectors. Prior to her current role at GMBOP, she made significant contributions to the Transforming Rehabilitation contract. Here, she effectively managed the Through The Gate provision in various establishments across the North West.

    Throughout her career, Rachel has established herself as a strategic leader with a knack for building strong relationships. Her ability to connect with key stakeholders in the community, custodial, statutory, and commissioning services has been instrumental in driving positive outcomes for the projects she has undertaken.

    In 2018, Rachel’s dedication and innovative approach were acknowledged when she was given a Butler Trust award. This prestigious recognition highlighted her outstanding contributions to the field, specifically commending her innovation and partnership working.

    Rachel’s career is marked by a passion for social change and a proven track record of transformative leadership. Her role as Programme Director at GMBOP reflects her ongoing commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of young people facing housing challenges.