• Iciar Ania, Executive Director at Bridges Outcomes Partnerships, has been working with Bridges for the last 6 years, during which time she has designed and implemented more than 10 Outcomes Partnerships related to:

    • Supporting care experienced young people to access employment and education opportunities,
    • Supporting young people with their mental health and wellbeing,
    • Helping families stay together through family therapy,
    • Supporting vulnerable women at risk of multiple removals and/or sexual harm and violence, and
    • Supporting unpaid carers to improve their wellbeing and sustain their caring role.

    Prior to joining Bridges Outcomes Partnerships, Iciar worked in Investment Banking at Arcano Group and Nomura Group. Iciar also spent 2 years in Cambodia working for a charity that supports families of people with physical and intellectual disabilities.

    Iciar holds a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University in the USA and from ICADE in Spain and an MBA from INSEAD.