Türkiye Outcomes Partnership

Creating employment opportunities in the ICT sector for long term unemployed young adults in Istanbul, Turkey.

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    Aug 2023

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    Education, Employment & Housing

Collaborators & funding partners

  • Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology (MOIT)

  • Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA)

  • Etkiyap

Delivery Partners

  • Enocta (Tobeto brand)

Collaborators & funding partners

  • Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology (MOIT)

  • Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA)

  • Etkiyap

Delivery Partners

  • Enocta (Tobeto brand)

  • Mila founded and leads Bridges Outcomes Partnerships (BOP). At BOP, we work to radically improve human services and environmental initiatives to improve outcomes for people and value for society. Programmes BOP supports are dedicated to empowering people across the world to improve their lives, in areas ranging from education and wellbeing to housing, child protection, employment and environmental protection. Mila is on boards of Positive Families Partnership, Stronger Families, Forward, North East Lincolnshire Thrive, Ways to Wellness, Education Outcomes Partnerships, along with other family, employment, and refugee support focused programmes.

    Mila is also a Trustee for Clore Social Leadership, organisation dedicated to providing social leaders with world class leadership development.

    Prior to Bridges, Mila’s career spanned public, private, and third sector. Mila helped create and run Education Generation, a crowdsourcing social enterprise focused on enabling young leaders in low-and middle-income countries to participate in some of the world’s most forward-thinking education programmes.

  • Amit, Executive Director at Bridges Outcomes Partnerships, has been working with Bridges for the last 3 years with a focus on our work in low- and middle-income countries. During this time, Amit has supported the creation of Outcomes Partnerships related to:

    • Helping families stay together through family therapy in the UK
    • Improving quality of education provision in West Africa and South Asia
    • Plastics waste recycling in West Africa
    • Access to clean water in Southeast Asia
    • Employment opportunities in Turkey

    Prior to joining Bridges Outcomes Partnerships, Amit worked for Social Finance where he created some of the most innovative social impact bonds in the UK. Amit spent his early career in banking and consulting, after which he ran a consulting organisation and charity focused on innovation in education.

    Amit holds a Bachelor of Science from Nottingham University in the UK.

  • Steve’s role as Programme Director, is to provide capacity building and programme and performance management to a portfolio of socially-minded organisations. These organisations deliver innovative solutions to prevent and relieve homelessness and increase the education and employment prospects of young people, using an outcomes-based approach.

    Steve holds a BEng in Civil and Structural Engineering from the University of Sheffield and after a brief career in Engineering spent 20 years growing a business supporting long term unemployed and people with disabilities and health problems develop skills and employment to live independently through outcomes-based contracting.

  • Liz’s role as a Manager involves supporting the development and delivery of a range of projects within both our international and UK-based portfolios.

    Prior to joining BOP, Liz received her MBA with Honours from London Business School, where she acted as President of the School’s Social Impact club, and interned with the Clinton Health Access Initiative and a blue carbon start-up. She started her career in investment management, before transitioning into the social sector to work for a boutique impact advisory firm in Detroit, Michigan.

    Liz graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Notre Dame.


Our Türkiye Outcomes Partnership delivers Istanbul Kodluyor (‘Istanbul Coding’), an employment programme in Türkiye which supports young people to retrain and secure jobs in the technology sector.

The youth unemployment rate in Türkiye is estimated to be at least 20% (this may underrepresent the challenge), meanwhile the country’s ICT industry is growing. The challenge is a skills mismatch: high demand for ICT jobs but very few candidates with the required skills.

Istanbul Kodluyor’s Türkiye-based specialist partner, Enocta, aims to provide training and opportunities for 600 unemployed young adults, helping them to gain employment in the ICT sector, improve their earnings potential and move them away from poverty. The programme is open to young adults aged 18-35 years old, who have been unemployed for at least 12 months, with a particular focus on promoting opportunities for women in the sector.

Türkiye Outcomes Partnership’s Istanbul Kodluyor programme is a two-year pilot, and the first social outcomes partnership in Türkiye; the intention is to scale across Istanbul and other cities and regions in the country.

Delivery innovations

An outcomes approach has enabled us to create a more flexible, effective environment, ensuring more successful delivery. Though the programme is in its early stages, some examples include:

  • Taking an innovative cross-platform approach to candidate recruitment, supported by ISTKA, leading to a significant volume of candidate recruitment.
  • Creating innovative multi-channel training content and delivery methods, using experienced industry trainers, helping participants showcase work/experience to prospective employers.
  • Collaborating to redefine suitable job codes and terms (e.g. “in education”) for the programme contract, to ensure we reached the right people.
  • Creating a leading, secure data system, allowing teams to track and improve delivery and outcomes.


Istanbul Kodluyor is currently in its early stages; but we have already exceeded our recruitment target by over 200 young people. As the programme progresses, we will update this page with further outcomes achieved. Stay tuned!

  • 800+

    Young people have started the programme

  • 28

    Young people have entered employment